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CPR announced 2017.09.06


CPR announced

Prestaq Co., Ltd. the copper cabling infrastructure provider, is compared to a large number of cable suppliers in terms of the introduction to the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) on copper cables. Prestaq’s products have been produced across the majority of the Category 5 and Zybrnet Category 6 & 6A ranges of cable. These products have been tested to the recently announced legislation and have the appropriate Declarations of Performance (DoP) and packaging is labelled and CE marked in accordance with the Regulation, along with markings printed on the cable jacket.

Under the Construction Products Regulation, it is now mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their construction products covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or product specific European Technical Assessment (ETA).

Prestaq Co., Ltd. have the classification assigned to the products in this report is appropriate to a declaration of conformity by the manufacturer within the context of systems 3 attestation of conformity and CE marking under the Construction Products Regulation. 

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